Sociologist based in Milan, Italy. Mainly interested in:

Assistant professor of sociology at the Department of Social and Political Sciences of the University of Milan (Italy), member of the BehaveLab.

Teaching Social Network Analysis within the MA Programme in Public and Corporate Communication (COM) and at the NASP graduate school of the University of Milan.


27-9-23: New article on “Status, cognitive overload, and incomplete information in advice-seeking networks: an agent-based model”, co-authored with Francesco Renzini and Flaminio Squazzoni, has been published open access on Social Networks. Here’s a thread on the study.

11-9-23: The 10th edition of the Behave Summer School starts today and I’m glad to be part of the faculty. We’re going to introduce 60 international students to agent-based modelling across a 2-week training on NetLogo coding and model estimation.

8-9-23: Back from the 7th European Social Network Conference at the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), where I chaired a session on “Agent-based models of social networks” I co-organised with Filip Agneessens, Andreas Flache, and Károly Takács. Also, two co-authored papers were presented by Elisa Bellotti on “Social influence in the adoption of mosquito bites preventive measures in Meghalaya, India: Exploring policy interventions through an empirical agent-based model” and Margherita Criveller on “Kinship and conflicts between mercenary families and regional states from the 15th to the 16th century in Italy. A multiplex network study”.

5-9-23: My article on “Structure of personal networks and cognitive abilities: A study on a sample of Italian older adults”, co-authored with Matteo Piolatto, Alessandra Marengoni, and Flaminio Squazzoni, is now open access on Social Networks. Here’s a thread on the study.