Sociologist based in Milano, Italy. Mainly interested in:

Assistant professor of sociology at the Department of Social and Political Sciences of the University of Milan (Italy), member of the BehaveLab.

Teaching a graduate course on Social Network Analysis.

Author of Reti sociali. Meccanismi e modelli, covering my recent methodological studies on statistical and computational models of social networks, with a few empirical examples (for Italian readers). Here you can find a few presentation slides (in Italian) summarizing its content.


10-4-24: Today I held a guest lecture on “Agent-based modelling” in Filip Agneessens’s “Research design” graduate course at the Department of Sociology and Social Research of the University of Trento. Here are the lecture slides.

20-3-24: Today I held a seminar on my recently published Italian book on Reti sociali. Meccanismi e modelli (Il Mulino, 2023) at my home department. I had the pleasure to discuss it with Antonio M. Chiesi, Gianluca Manzo, and Flaminio Squazzoni. Here is more information. Here are the slides of my presentation.

20-2-24: New article out on Social Science Research with Raffaele Vacca on “Diversity, integration, and variability of intergenerational relationships in old age: new insights from personal network research”. Here’s the open access text. Here’s an X thread summarising it.

3-2-24: My colleague Elena De Gioannis has been awarded the “Premio SISEC Giovani per miglior articolo 2023” for best article published by young scholars in 2023 by the SISEC - Italian Society of Economic Sociology, for an article on Social Networks I had the pleasure to co-author, entitled “Gender bias in the classroom: a network study on self and peer ability attribution”. Here is the paywalled full text. Here for the free accepted manuscript.