Sociologist based in Milan, Italy. Mainly interested in:

Assistant professor of sociology at the Department of Social and Political Sciences of the University of Milan (Italy), member of the Behave Lab.

Teaching Social Network Analysis at the NASP graduate school of the University of Milan.


4-5-23: Back from ARS'23 - Ninth International Workshop on Social Network Analysis, where I presented preliminary insights from a joint study with Elisa Bellotti titled “Social influence in the adoption of mosquito bites preventive measures in Meghalaya, India: exploring policy interventions with an empirical agent-based model

19-4-23: Today I’ll give a lecture on “Agent-based modelling” to the graduate students of sociology of the University of Trento, hosted by Filip Agneessens.

24-2-23: New article on “Structure of personal networks and cognitive abilities: A study on a sample of Italian older adults”, co-authored with Matteo Piolatto, Alessandra Marengoni, and Flaminio Squazzoni, just published today on Social Networks. Here’s a thread on the study. Here’s the accepted manuscript.

19-2-23: Together with my colleague Elena De Gioannis I’ll hold an online seminar on “An introduction to ERGM with an application to the study of gender bias in high school” on 20 February at 3 pm CET, as a part of the Cyber Mondays seminars organised by the Computational Social Science Center (University of Bologna, Italy), Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain), Behave Lab (University of Milan, Italy) and the Center for Computational Social Science and Human Dynamics (University of Trento and Bruno Kessler Foundation, Italy). You can register here.